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    National Anthems: Top 6 1.Bangladeshi National Anthem - Amar Shonar Bangla ( ) 2.Malaysian National Anthem - Negaraku 3.Japanese National Anthem - Kimigayo () 4.Katagalugan National Anthem - Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan 5.Pakistani National Anthem - Qaumi Tarana ( ) 6.African Union Anthem - Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together .Unsourced material may be challenged and removedThe small interlocking red rings at base of the Emblem stand for African solidarity and the blood shed for Liberation of Africa AU FLAG AU Anthem Let us all unite and celebrate together The victories won for our liberation Let us dedicate ourselves to rise together To defend our liberty and unity O Sons and Daughters of Africa Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky Let us make Africa the Tree of Life Let us all unite and sing together To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together For lasting peace and justice on earth O Sons and Daughters of Africa Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky Let us make Africa the Tree of Life Let us all unite and toil together To give the best we have to Africa The cradle of mankind and fount of culture Our pride and hope at break of dawnIt appears your browser does not have it turned on(Moderator: dem) Previous Topic Next Topic Pages: 1 African Union (Read 6730 times) 02.10.2010 at 10:49:05 JoHyoroe1988 Offline Forum Elite Posts: 658 The Unofficial African Union Anthem Let Us All Unite and Celebrate TogetherL'hymne non officiel de l'Union africaine "Unissons-nous tous et clbrons ensemble"English Vocal ( all three verses ) :File size: 0.52MiBDownload: version:File size: 0.64MiBDownload: of African Union Back to top IP Logged Reply #1 - 02.10.2010 at 10:55:10 JoHyoroe1988 Offline Forum Elite Posts: 658 The Unofficial African Union Anthem God Bless Africa L'hymne non officiel de l'Union africaine " Dieu bnisse l'Afrique "English Vocal ( 1,2,7 verse ) : File size: 0.50MiB Download: Back to top IP Logged Pages: 1 Previous Topic Next Topic .Quick links AU Constitutive Act AU in a Nutshell AU Symbols and Anthem Member States Agenda 2063 AU Organs Assembly Decisions Executive Council Decisions Treaties Texts Treaties Status lists Financial Reports and Information Partnerships AU Handbook All African Union websites Who is who? AU Chairperson AUC Chairperson AUC Deputy Chairperson AUC Commissioners Opportunities Careers Procurement / Bids Internshuip African Union Youth Volunteer Corps AUC Conference Center Visit the AU Headquarters AUC Library Click to subscribe to our newsletters: agario - hd porno- brazzers siki Media? Click to registerCopyright 2017 IceMP3 - Download MP3 Free 320kbps About - Contact - Privacy Policy - Takwdown Request The green circle again stands for African hopes and aspirations


    pelase, press twice (2x) the download button if there not show anythingTendersEnglishAfrican Union page on its symbols African Union Anthem remove-circle Share or Embed This Item EMBED EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs) [archiveorg Africannationalanthem width=560 height=384 frameborder=0 webkitallowfullscreen=true mozallowfullscreen=true] Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! . 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